CloudHelm Private Enterprise FAQ

Who completes the engineering and set up of the CloudHelm Enterprise environment?

CloudHelm Private Enterprise is a fully managed service.  Hardware and software are all managed by CloudHelm.  Connectivity for the Portal and Internet may be required from the client.

Who completes the ongoing operations of the private onsite cloud?

CloudHelm Private Enterprise is a fully managed service.  The Cloud Management Center (24 hour NOC) monitors and is first line of support.

What do administrators have control over?

CloudHelm team members have control over hardware and software for the system only.  The CloudHelm team does not have access to or control client applications or data.

Does CloudHelm Enterprise utilize OpenStack engineering?


What are the key features of CloudHelm Enterprise?

CloudHelm Private Enterprise is a fully managed, private, isolated environment within the Client’s data center that still provides all the features and benefits of a public cloud.

Why should I use CloudHelm Enterprise?

Regulatory needs, privacy, isolated infrastructure, simply Portal / UI.

What are some use cases for CloudHelm Enterprise?

Regulatory needs, privacy, isolated infrastructure, simply Portal / UI.

What support services are available for CloudHelm Enterprise?

Virtually any service is available via our partners.  CloudHelm provides a fully managed Private IaaS cloud on client premise.

Where can I deploy CloudHelm Private Enterprise?

Any data center of your choice.

Is CloudHelm Enterprise updated with each new OpenStack version release?

No.  CloudHelm is one release behind the latest by design.  This allows more stability for production workloads, with slight compromise on the latest code features in OpenStack.

Can I install CloudHelm Private Enterprise on virtual machines?


What is the maximum number of nodes for CloudHelm Private Enterprise?

CloudHelm Private Enterprise is very scalable.  Please contact CloudHelm to discuss your needs, and we will be able to price and architect to your specifications.

Does CloudHelm Private Enterprise come with any images?

Yes.  We offer various Linux distributions and offer Windows via SPLA licensing.

How does CloudHelm Private Enterprise monitor billing?

CloudHelm has a billing module built in to track and handle billing.

Is my CloudHelm Private Enterprise managed 24/7?

Yes. Both the ClouHelm Team and our Cloud Management Center have 24/7 support and monitoring for CloudHelm Private Enterprise.

What hardware am I required to use?

CloudHelm supplies the hardware and provides a monthly service.

What is the set up time for CloudHelm Private Enterprise?

30-60 days depending upon the deployment and architecture needs.

Does CloudHelm Private Enterprise support hybrid architectures?

Yes, CloudHelm is the most flexible hybrid solution available.

Do I need to hire an in house Openstack expert?

No, the CloudHelm team handles everything for you and provides you with and enterprise cloud experience as a monthly service.

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