CloudHelm IaaS FAQ

What is CloudHelm IaaS?

An OpenStack based cloud offering

What are CloudHelm IaaS key advantages?

CloudHelm IaaS is a high performance, cost efficient Infrastructure-as-a-Service resource.

How am I billed?

CloudHelm IaaS offers both monthly or consumption based billing.

How do I choose between monthly and hourly billing?

Large deployments may want monthly, but both are available.

Am I charged while my machine is in a powered off state?

Yes, CloudHelm architecture and performance is gained through utilizing resources allocated to a machine.  The billing for a machine stops once the machine is ‘terminated’.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Contractual agreement with monthly billing, or credit card payment

Am I charged when I enter a credit card?

An authorization is applied to the credit card upon registering.

When do you charge my credit card?

Your card is charged on the first of each month.

Can you charge my card on a specific date?

Billing occurs on the first of each month, unless all resources are terminated, which will trigger a charge to settle the account at that moment in time.

How do I read my invoice?

Billing is in accordance with the line items of use in the portal.

Can I have multiple credit cards on file? If so, how do you choose which to charge?

One card per client.

My credit card expired or was declined and the payment failed. How do I fix it to prevent my account from being suspended?

Notification will go to client via email, and the client can log in to update information, or communicate with the CloudHelm team for resolution.

Can I be billed using my local currency?

CloudHelm can only support the US Dollar at this time.

How much do Floating IPs cost?

$10 per Public IP per month (minimum charge of $1 for short usage)

How can I increase my limit?

Increased limits (quotas) are via the Portal.  Some changes would require additional credit card authorization, or client credit approval.

How can I upgrade my account to a larger machine? Are there any fees associated?

Within the Portal, Right-Click the Machine, Select ‘Resize’.  Client has the ability to modify CPU and/or RAM selection.  In addition, additional Disk can be added at any time.

I need to update multiple accounts for my business and personal use. How do I do that?

CloudHelm is very flexible and has a built in concept of ‘WorkGroups’ which are designed for this purpose.  A company can have multiple WorkGroups which are isolated in billing and resources, but controlled through one portal.

What do I do if I lost my password?

Reset your password from the Portal page.  Your email on file will receive a link with token which is good for 24 hours.  Instructions are provided.

How can I change my email address?

The ‘Company Administrator’ can add / delete /modify users.

How do I cancel my account?

Simply Terminate all machines and resources, then Click on Request —> Service Request.  Fill in form with Subject “Terminate Account”.

Can I have more than one user on my account?

Yes, CloudHelm is very flexible and has built in tooling for User management.

Can I limit permissions/access for billing?


Do you offer backups?

CloudHelm offers Offline Data Protection Service (ODPS), which is an agent based service for full backup needs.

Do you host DNS?

No, but we have partners which can easily handle this for you.

Do you have an API?

No, CloudHelm does have a private API, but not available for public just yet.

Do you have a default firewall enabled?

Yes, each machine has a built in firewall by default.  The Access and Security module allows for central control of rules and security groups.

Do you provide console access?

Yes, console access is built into the Portal.

What kind of virtualization do you use?

CloudHelm IaaS is built upon OpenStack and KVM hypervisors.  Additional hypervisors are available for CloudHelm Private Enterprise clients.

What processor models does CloudHelm VS run on?


Do you offer windows servers?

Yes, CloudHelm offers many wonderful features for the Windows world, in addition to our Linux and Container offerings.

Can I get a custom plan of CPU, RAM, or Disk / just increase SSD space?

CloudHelm offers many flavors of machines, and you can increase SSD (Tier I) disk, or add Tier II (HHD) disk at any time to any machine.

How can I request a new feature?

The CloudHelm Portal offers ‘Request’ functionality and ticketing, including ‘Request a Feature’.

How do I log in to my machine?

Many options are avilable including Console from the Portal, enabling SSH, RDP, or any option that fits the client need.

How do I set up DNS?

DNS can be setup at Network creation for a new project or modified at any time.  See User Guide for details.

What are your name servers?

Public DNS is used by default, but client can easily set DNS to any server needed.  This setting will be inclueded in DHCP.

How can I connect to my machine with VNC?

With the CloudHelm Portal console functionality.

Is FTP installed and how can I install it on my virtual server?

FTP is not installed by default, but client has the ability to install.

IS my machine IP address static?

The IP address will persist with reboot and Public IP’s will persist with reboot.

How can I set up a firewall?

CloudHelm has built in firewalling with an easy to configure module called Access and Security.  Advanced virtual firewalls are available as well.  Contact CloudHelm for advanced firewall options.

How do I safely power cycle (reboot) my machine?

CloudHelm offers either ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ reboot functionality.  Right-Click machine and select option.

How can I rename my machine?

Right-Click machine and Edit.

Where are your data centers located?

CloudHelm IaasS data centers are located in the Midwest region.  South of Chicago and North of Chicago.

Are your data centers compliant and certified by international standards?

Yes, SOC II, Type II

Does data located in one data center ever get moved to another location without the user knowing?

No, data in each data center is isolated.  However, there are options for disaster recovery and business continuity if client needs data redundancy.

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