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Why Move to Hosted Virtual Desktops?

The computer’s desktop screen is the link between the user and the operating system that drives the computer. Most people store shortcuts to their preferred programs on their desktop to facilitate speedy access to those functions. When confined to single computer, however, the user must have physical access to that computer to use it. A […]


Combating Shadow IT with Cloud Solutions

  When users install applications outside of their IT department’s approval, they create what is known as a “shadow IT.” This can be a headache for an IT department for many reasons, some more obvious than others. IT departments cannot offer support or troubleshooting help for applications used without their knowledge or approval. Shadow I […]

The Importance of Multi-Cloud Management

Cloud services can be daunting to set up and maintain – and engaging with multi-cloud services can be even more intimidating. Even so, there are benefits to using a multi-cloud strategy, whatever your approach within it might be. Disaster recovery becomes easier if your important or sensitive data is kept redundantly across multiple servers. A […]

Five Easy Steps for Implementing the Cloud

Anyone recognize this scenario?  A CEO goes golfing with other CEOs and she comes back and she says, “I want to go 100 percent cloud.”  We technology folks joke about this, because it’s both so stereotypical and it’s also so true. Frankly, I’m tired of all these different responses and opinions to “what does Cloud […]

Choosing a Cloud Confidently

Pre-note: Initially, I started writing this so that our sales professionals could build confidence in their messaging when offering our cloud service, but in reality this information is more critical for the decision-maker. It’s important that you are empowered in the sales process and can direct a more constructive conversation about cloud services. I flipped […]

Eliminate the Top Cloud Challenges for your Business

Businesses have found a new top challenge of cloud, cloud problems and computing issues. According to the RightScale 2016, State of the Cloud Report, security reigned as the most demanding threat over the last few years as businesses questioned the ability of cloud providers to uphold their security standards. A “lack of resources and expertise […]